Connect Westminster

Next Generation Internet provided by Pond Group Ltd.

Benefits for businesses:

Faster, better, access to the Internet is essential for businesses wanting to boost their bottom line.

With faster, better Internet access , you can:


  • Grow and access new markets through better communication with customers and suppliers
  • Increase security through fast, secure back-up of data
  • Increase your productivity, whilst attracting and retaining the best staff
  • Improve customer service by sending or uploading large files quickly and reliably
  • Increase your bottom line by improving your customer satisfaction ratings
  • Futureproof your business to equip you with the digital challenges of tomorrow.
  • Ensure business continuity with guaranteed connections, backed up by a 99.99% SLA


Apply today for your grant of up £2K. This offer expires in March 2018 (subject to availability).


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